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The Ag Tech TALK podcast by AgriBusiness Global covers how ag tech developments are affecting the crop protection market. This includes new products, trends, analysis, and other information that those in the crop protection can use to stay up to date. The Sustainable podcast by AgriBusiness Global covers the crop protection, biologicals and plant health markets advancements towards creating a healthier planet.

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Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

In this episode of AG Tech Talk by AgriBusiness Global, we'll be chatting with Tom Meade, Chief Science Officer for Enko as he explores the future of crop protection and the evolution of crop protection products.

Tuesday May 21, 2024

In this episode of AG Tech Talk by AgriBusiness Global™, we'll be chatting with Biome Makers Gus Plamann, Senior Technical Agronomist and Meri Mullins, Director of Global Accounts as they discuss drought regulation and increasing expectations for sustainability efforts.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

In this episode of AG Tech Talk by AgriBusiness Global, we'll be chatting with Ofir Ardon, CEO of Agritask as he sheds light on the relationship between crop protection strategies and the challenges posed by climate change.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

In this episode of AG Tech Talk, we'll be chatting with Dr. Nomman Ahmed, Global Practice Advanced Analytics & sigma for Kynetec about the exciting prospects of predictive technology in advancing crop protection strategies.

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

Sustainable by AgriBusiness Global interviewed Thomas Laurent, Chief Executive Officer for Micro-Pep—a U.S. and France-based company developing crop protection solutions based on micropeptides. Laurent traveled in the EU and U.S., speaking to investors and growers to find out what the market looks like for biopesticides in the coming months.

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

For many years it seemed sustainability was little more than a nice buzzword. That’s no longer the case. Sustainability is not a buzzword or a fad. Companies have embraced the concept and are working to improve all aspects of their operations. Topcon Positioning Systems has long focused on precision agriculture and recently created a global team designed to take sustainability to the next level both internally and with its partners.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

We’ve learned never to ask: “What else can go wrong?” because there’s a pretty good chance we just might find out. In the past few years, supply chains have experienced disruptions from war, pandemic and agriculture’s perennial nemesis weather, among other issues. While there will always be issues beyond a company’s control, insight into its own operations and members of its supply chain partners can help mitigate or even avoid the complications that come from those disruptions. 

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Working with NASA this agro informatics company has developed data-driven solutions for the industry across the supply chain. Their technology platform uses data science and advanced AI technology to convert agronomic data into actionable insights at field level.

Friday Oct 20, 2023

Sustainable by AgriBusiness Global interviewed Mark Trimmer, Managing Partner of Dunham Trimmer, about key points from his company’s Global BioControl Report, a 330-page report analyzing the microbials, biochemicals, macroorganisms, and other biocontrol markets through 2029.

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

RNAi was discovered more than 20 years ago and has been used by the pharmaceutical industry to develop a host of novel medicines. TrilliumAg’s research team has found a way to develop biological solutions that target specific pests.  


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